I will tell you  about movie that I was watched yesterday  along with my  friends in the class.There is “Wall –E”. I  have to watched this movie because of my  subject lecture “Human and Computer Interaction”. so lets  start with the  information  and the synopsis  of “Wall-E”.

”Wall-E” is an animated film produced by Pixar Animation Studios and released by Walt Disney Pictures.The main character in this film is a robot named ”Wall-E”. The film was released on June 27, 2008. The film, directed by Andrew Stanton  and Jim Morris as the producer .This film has won  an Academy Award for animated films.

This film story about  earth condition when economy  , including the government on Earth  is controlled by a   giant company  “Buy N Large (BNL)”.Because more and more trash has not recycled on earth caused the earth became polluted .To avoid human extinction so then  carried out mass evacuations from  the Earth for five years to the executive starship named “Axiom” that provides each human purposes, and equipped with robots that goes automatically to serve everything  human needs.

During 700 years of earth has been left by humans, on earth there is  only  left a robot ”Wall-E” that  still active and programmed to cleanse the earth. ”Wall-E”  was only accompanied by a cockroach named “Spot”. While doing its job, ”Wall-E”  find a plant and planted it in worn-out shoes he has.

During  in the earth, ”Wall-E” often collect interesting items that he found from the pile of garbage.Other than, he had often seen the dancing  video recording. once the spacecraft down to earth and bring robot named “Eve”.“Eve” derived from spacecraft “Axiom” and programmed to look for signs of life.”Wall-E”  immediately fell in love at first sight. ”Wall-E”  shows his collection goods to the eve includes plants that grew in the shoe.

see any signs of life then “ Eve”  immediately took to be stored in her body and becomes inactive. ”Wall-E”  became sad and waiting for “Eve” to be sober every day. unwittingly “Eve” robot programmed to record all the activity around him while he was unconscious.

One day a spacecraft comes to bringing eve because its mission has been reached.See that wall-e was penetrate into planes. Finally they get into “Axiom”. In plane there are many robots have been programmed to serve humans.There is also a robot named “MO” is programmed to clean the aircraft from foreign contamination. There he sees that the unconscious eve taken away. He also followed “ Eve” and makes many problems. Starting from releasing prisoners  (damaged robot) and awaken people  that always look through the monitor screen in  their seat. Finally “Eve” and ”Wall-E”  considered as a threat for “Axiom” plane. Seedling plants should be put into a detection tool called “Holo detector”. But stolen by “GO-4” without the knowledge of the captain of the ship.Finally after many obstacles, the seedlings can be restored by the ”Wall-E”  with “Eve” so that finally humans can return to earth.

When he got to earth ”Wall-E”  was in a condition  that he is very weak. All human beings are too sad to see the condition  of the ”Wall-E” .Then eve brought  ”Wall-E”  into the truck which is a homes  of ”Wall-E” .In the truck,eve trying to fix  ”Wall-E” .She repaired ”Wall-E”  components that are damaged, including memory so ”Wall-E”  did not remember “Eve” and everything he’d gone through. He was only considering his  program to clean up trash on earth. “Eve” become  sad to see it and finally hold hands and kiss  ”Wall-E”  (with her ​​head on the wall-e head). Unexpectedly ”Wall-E”  was recognized eve  as the woman he loved  and can recall it all.

OverPlus of this film:

  • 3d-animated films
  • The main character is a robot
  • The film is minimal dialogue.
  • The sound that comes only a robot distinctive voice . And all sense is delivered only from the eyes, and body gestures.
  • Have a great moral message to humanity that condition of the  earth is increasingly damaged by human activity (Itself).
  • Have the imagination that in the  future robots will be growing and has a very large meaning  for  human need.

Connectivity with the “Human Computer Interaction”:

This film has a basic ” Human Computer Interaction”.Robot, which is one of  technology development can help human in all fields and has been planted with a particular program according with human needs and desires.

In this film we can see that the robot can help mankind to rid the earth and also to look for signs of life on earth. Other than in this film we can also see various robot whose job  to help human beings in a spaceship “Axiom”.

– Farhat – 

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